What other types of mortgages are there?

Bad credit mortgages are designed for those who have had financial difficulties in the past.  

100% mortgages, or mortgages with no deposit, are not offered unless you have a guarantor named on the mortgage too. However, it can still be possible to get on the property ladder if you have a very small deposit saved. 

Self-employed mortgages are for those who run their own business or have an income that is hard to prove to lenders. 

Commercial mortgages let you buy property for your business or as an investment.  

Mortgages for older borrowers could accept you even if you are over the maximum age specified by most lenders. 

Mortgages for specific purposes

Buy to let mortgages let you purchase a property you intend to rent out to someone else.  

Second mortgages let you purchase a property other than your main residence, like holiday homes or investment properties.  

Lifetime and equity release mortgages give you cash in return for equity in your home, which is paid back when your home is sold.  

Commercial mortgages let you purchase property used by businesses.

Bridging loans also let you borrow using your property as security. These can be used to buy another property, or refurbish a property, or even act as a short-term mortgage or ‘bridge’ while you are waiting for the sale of a property to go ahead.